Hi guys, recently I just move into my new room. Not to mentioned on how stressful being a working adult in Singapore, I think i deserve a good quality lifestyle by giving myself a warm & cozy space to stay alone. So, I am planning to do a room makeover for a new life. Let's just call it the transformation of quality life.

As you guys can see, this is the tiny space for my next few years . It is about 4 -5m2 , with a single size bed, fan, big wardrobe, desk and chair. There is a big window without curtain and a small window ( Old fashioned Hdb design). Simple yet still challenging as i don't want to make effort for a big renovation works such as hacking or drilling the wall. First, I decided to use black, pink, gold colors to match my current furniture provided. So, you guys ready? ^^

The desk and chair are in a quite good condition so I just leave them alone. However, they look quite empty.

So here the decor I bought for my desk. A pink marble tray with cute pink flamingo plate to place my accessories, a frame which can place a note paper or reminder and a small vase attached ( so i can place fresh or dried flower for my room... sometimes^^), also a white marble look paper roll holder to avoid the dusk attached to my paper roll ( I got sensitive nose so... yeah, can't skip the hygiene part), and a rose gold book frame to keep my books(Not to mentioned how much i love to read!). I also bought a pink cushion for my chair ( It is just nice to fit my chair as the cushion size can be customized). The candle holder is for me to put some nice scene candle light. It is so windy. My room is full of vanilla &coconut fresh smell right now. In this tiny room, i will skip too many fancy decor items/furniture but ensure they can be used and is a great art piece for me too. Eventually, i just want it be cozy in days that i never wish to step out from my room especially in this hot weather country.