Cooling Weighted Blanket

Comfortable at any environment

Newly Launched Cooling Weighted Blanket


Material We Chose

The NEWLY LAUNCHED cooling weighted blanket is made of high quality cotton fabric. The Woven with natural cotton and hand knitted weighted blanket provides a new experiences of comfort level yet still provide a deep pressure stimulation.

The ultimate choice for people who do not use blanket in their lifestyle.


Features Highlights

  • Constructed with a knitted design, providing the most consistent weight distribution across the whole blanket.
  • The Unique chunky knit structure is much more breathable and promote better air -flow
  • All-fabric material choice creates a filler free experience. 
  • Whole piece machine washable.
  • It is available in size: 152 x 190cm, (60” x 80”)
  • Comes with four different color to match your sleeping environment.


Cooling weighted blanket is hand knitted entirely from fabric, making it perfectly breathable and suitable for people with sensitive skins.

The blanket internal is filled with just cotton fiber as the sole weight ingredient, which makes the it friendly to pets. 

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3 Steps Care Instructions

  • Machine wash are the gentlest recommended care methods for a weighted blanket.
  • Simply use cool water (30 degrees Celsius), and wash alone on a delicate or permanent-press cycle. 
  • Good news! Due to all fabric contains, it is suitable for tumble dry on low 2-3 drying cycles. Take note of the washer weight limit.