FAQ | Weighted Blanket

How Do Weighted Blankets Help Me Sleep?

Weighted Blankets come in various different weights and sizes. With the effect of deep pressure stimulation, the user tends to experience a "Hugged To Sleep" state of emotion. While the user is in this state of emotion, it is said that the level of melatonin secretion increases greatly and therefore, leading to a night of better sleep.

How Do I Choose?

We strongly recommend getting a lighter choice for females in general. The reason is, that portability should be seriously considered. Can you imagine not being able to make your own bed?

Next, check for the sizes. All our weighted blanket only comes in 152cm X 203cm. According to our research, most weighted blanket users find the size too small to enjoy the weight.

Our blanket size is very similar to the general single-size duvet on the market.

Lastly, the weights. We recommend the rule of thumb, 7-13% of your body weight. Do not be obsessed with the percentage. It should be a gauge, but not certainly. Go with your feelings.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

We have everything in stock in Singapore, and all shipping takes place from our warehouse. Shipping takes 2-3 working days to your doorstep.

How Do I Wash My Blankets?

All our blankets and covers are machine washable but double-check with your washer weight limit. Hang indoors dry, avoid tumble-dry at the best convenience.

you might want to check our washing instructions.

Will It Feel Hot Under This Weighted Blanket?

Our material used is extremely breathable, thin, and cooling. However, heat tolerance is very subjective. For the non-aircon user, covering only the body portion and leaving the legs and shoulder part empty will helps

We chose materials that are breathable, thin, and cooling to fit our humid environment in Singapore.

If heat is an issue for you, you have to check out our Cooling Weighted Blanket