20lbs Cotton Duvet Weighted Blanket


All Standard Weighted Blanket comes with a complimentary 100% cotton cover.

20lbs weighted blanket usually serves best with an adult male who requires extra weight and restrains. 20lbs is relatively heavy when it comes to making your bed, please consider the user’s strength capability before the bodyweight-weighted blanket ratio. Safety first!

Our Standard Weighted Blanket only comes in 152 x 203cm, similar to an ordinary Single Size duvet on the market.

The standard weighted blanket uses high-quality 100% cotton for the inner duvet, and every blanket comes with a 100% cotton duvet cover.

We use food-grade mini glass beads as the main weights and microfiber filings for extra cushioning. Every blanket is made with double stitching for enhanced durability and designed with 7 layers of production.

Quality assured. Check out the 1-1 exchange policy if manufacturing defects were found.

Our standard weighted blanket have once again upgraded with new features! Know more about our newly launched 5cm weight distribution, and a new standard size across all our blankets.

Weighted blankets varies with weights. A good rule of thumb would be 7 – 10% of your body weight. We recommend our clients to consider the total weight first before the body weight ratio.

Want to know more about how to choose your blanket?

Our weighted blankets are all machine washable. We recommend our clients take note of a few points before machine washing the weighted blankets.

  1. The weight limits – Every machine comes with its weight limit, take note of the limit before washing will avoid hurting the machine.
  2. Avoid high temperature – High heat washing will accelerate the speed of wear and tear for almost all kinds of duvets, including our weighted blanket.
  3. Hot air drying – High heat drying not only spoils the quality of the weighted blanket but also clutters the fiber fillings inside.
  4. High rise hanging – Weighted blankets are extremely heavy on bamboo poles. To avoid accident, avoid high rise hanging.