15lbs Cooling Knitted Weighted Blanket


15lbs Cooling Weighted Blanket is an improved version from its originality. It not only holds the same weights and sizes, but the material used is also 100% fabric-based. Unlike a standard weighted blanket that uses glass beads as the weight element, this blanket depends on the volume of fabric strips used.

Cooling Weighted Blanket comes in 152 x 203cm, the perfect size for either a blanket or a couch throw.

Enjoy pressure therapy and a high level of breathability!

15lbs is relatively heavy when it comes to making your bed, please consider the user’s strength capability before the bodyweight-weighted blanket ratio. Safety first!

Cooling Weighted Blanket is made of Cotton Cloth strips, knitted in a symmetrical way, and forms a blanket with visible holes. As it is only filled with cotton fiber, the weight solely depends on the number of strips knitted within a specific size.

This weighted blanket selection provides an ultimate level of airflow and breathability. With the holes and stretches in between knits, minimal heat was trapped. Even so, users can still benefit from the weight it bears.