Standard Weighted Blanket

an improved version

Why Our Weighted Blanket


Material We Chose

Our weighted blanket is made of Hypoallergenic glass beads, 100% cotton & Microfiber. These combinations are to provide a deep pressure weights yet to provide softness, making the experience extremely attractive.


Features Highlights

  • Every blanket comes with complimentary high quality duvet cover, allowing changing and washing
  • The glass pellets are distributed with a 5cmx5cm size, greatly reduce noise of sliding and much more even weight distribution
  • Invisible zipper to avoid any accidentally thread trapping and more neat looks.
  • Both inner and covers are machine washable.

Introducing New Dimension

Our Weighted Blanket is now available in a new standard size:

152 x 190cm, (60” x 80”)

We launched this new dimension to fit into most single duvet cover in the market. So that our customers could use our blankets with their existing favorited duvet cover without buying a new piece.

Based on hundreds of our past clients feedback, a larger coverage produce a much better sleeping experience.

9 Simple Care Instructions

  1. Unzip and separate both the blanket cover and inner blanket.
  2. Pre-treat any stains. Soak weighted blanket into a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water.
  3. Hand washing and machine wash are the gentlest recommended care methods for a weighted blanket.
  4. Next, set the washer temperature to cold setting to avoid and fading or shrinkage.
  5. Set the wash cycle which easiest on fabric and fillers.
  6. Gently place both blanket and inner into washing machine
  7. Let’s your washing machine do it chores.
  8. Re-rinse, if desired. Considering those have sensitive skin or allergies issues. Indoor air drying for a weighted blanket.
  9. You can now use your weighted blanket when in fully dry by putting back new & clean blanket cover